All of our services are guaranteed to your complete satisfaction and we will do whatever is necessary to be sure that you are completely happy with us and our results!

Here are just a few of our official Guarantees and Warranties:

  1. $250,000.00 Termite Damage Warranty using the Sentricon® System: This written warranty is for the repair and/or replacement to new damage to the structure(s) that Menninga Pest Control is protecting with the Sentricon System. Our termite damage warranty is transferable to new ownership. Refer to the complete Service Agreement for full details.
  2. Lifetime Termite Protection Guarantee: With Menninga Pest Control and Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination, your property will be protected for as long as you retain our service! Starting with day one of the initial year of service, Menninga Pest Control will start the process of Termite Colony Elimination and if necessary administer any additional treatment available in the industry to ensure your property is protected at no additional cost. Your property will be protected indefinitely with an annual paid renewal. If after 24 consecutive months of continuous service, live termites and damage are visibly evident in the structure being protected, Menninga Pest Control will make repairs as necessary to correct, repair, and/or replace new damage at no additional charge. Refer to the complete Service agreement for full details.
  3. Termite Re-Treatment Warranty: With a “Chemical Zone” treatment using termiticide materials, Menninga Pest Control provides a 1 year re-treatment warranty that can be extended up to 4 additional years (for a total of 5 years) with an annual renewal and inspection. This warranty is transferable.
  4. General Pest Unlimited Re-Treatment Warranty: With Menninga Pest Control and our 5-Star Star Service Programs, there is a 24/7/365 pest free guarantee! If a “covered pest” problem develops at any time inside or outside there is no additional charge for re-treatment, 365 days a year!
  5. Commercial Service Unlimited ReTreatment Warranty: With any commercial service performed monthly or more frequently, there is an unlimited pest free guarantee. If a pest problem develops between services at any time, there is no additional charge for additional services. Our response time (on site) is usually 2–4 hours of notification but always within 24 hours. We do not require a service contract to perform commercial services.
  6. One Time “As-Needed” Service: Depending on the type of service and pests that we are eliminating, there is a 30 day re-treatment warranty at the conclusion of final service.